Friday, January 8, 2010

What I have been up to...

I know, I'm a slacker!  Believe me, I want to post more often, but never seem to know what to write about.  What would my readers be interested in?  I certainly do not want to bore you! 

After a busy holiday season, things are slowly returning to normal.  What's defined as 'normal'?  Well, I am not so sure!  As, I seriously  thought yesterday was Wednesday, and was totally shocked when I had gone to bed at 3 am , that my Blackberry said 'Friday'... not 'Thursday'.... but it is now 'Friday'...I  think that I must have been under some sort of spell!  I lost a day this week, and have no recollection of it!  Gee, what ever happened to my lost day? 

Anyways, this week, I finally got my studio somewhat organized...It really helps me design better when things are neater and put in place.  I am able to focus better...

Then, I dyed, painted and stamped on a few blank canvases, to be used for designing some sort of covers at a later date...

I began designing a hobo slouch bag, that can be used as a tote, purse, or laptop bag.  I am still working on that design....

I created some floral brooches....aren't they cute? 

I worked on some applications for art shows in 2010.  And really thought about what items I should add to my shop. Do you have any thoughts or comments?  I welcome suggestions!

 And, gee,  I really, really thought about where did that lost day goooooo????

Until next time ..... ~Jan


  1. Love the floral brooches! I have a hard time finding things to post on my blog also. I have made it a goal to try to make a new post at least once a week. I'm so bad about keeping it updated.

  2. Wow! a laptop bag would be aweesome!
    Crystal from KIZZ