Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How fun! Crochet School!

OMG!  Have you seen all the beautiful crocheted lovelies out there???  I have been loving all the crocheted products shown over the internet!!!  Makes me want to pull out my crochet needles and yarn, and just DO it!   I have sweet memories of my Grandma teaching me how to crochet....God Bless her. 

Have you been itching to learn how to crochet?  Well, here's your chance....and it's FREE!  I happened to come across the Crafty Mix blog via Pinterest (OMG! a new obsession of mine lately!!  but that's another story )  this morning.  I love her blog!  

Dana, from Crafty Mix is offering a course called 'Crochet School'.  It is designed for the beginner.  Each day, for the month of October, she will be teaching some of the basics of crocheting.   How awesome is that? Thanks Dana for this inspirational opportunity!

Dana has created some beautiful crocheted lovelies.  You can especially see them in her 365 project in which she posted 365 different granny squares.   Here are some of her crocheted lovelies.

Aren't these beautiful?  You can find more of these granny squares on her blog

During the month of October, I will be posting some of my newest crocheted creations.   I would love for you to join me and post some of your crocheted lovelies!  You CAN do it! :) 

~til next time  Jan


  1. Thanks for sharing Jan!!

  2. Oh! You are very welcome Dana! Good Luck with your class! I'm sure it'll be great!