Saturday, February 13, 2010

Won a Giveaway!

How surprised I was when I received a convo from Remaking Memories indicating that I had won a pendant from the 'Taking Remaking Memories Abroad' giveaway.  To enter the giveaway, Remaking Memories only asked that you  post a comment with the farthest destination you’ve ever traveled.   I mentioned that we had gone to Europe last year, which was a beautiful trip!!!  The winner of the giveaway was chosen randomly, and that lucky person happened to be me!! :-)

 I was to choose between these two pendants.  Boy, did I  have a hard time making up my mind!  I finally chose the black one.  Well, it just came in the mail!!  It's even more beautiful in person!   I love it!  In fact I am going to wear it today!

Remaking Memories has a shop on Etsy.  She has a lovely collection of pendants.  She can take a drawing of your child and place it in pendant for you! What a clever idea!
 Also, she can make a magnet for you out of one of your favorite photos.  Isn't that adorable?

Many thanks to you, Remaking Memories,  for this lovely pendant.  It is so pretty!  I wish you much success with your business!

Til next time ...~Jan

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